Trust is a prequisite for betrayal

So Far

So far in our adventure the crew has been weighed… measured… and labeled. Of the original Plan B 2 remain. Plan’s C, D, and E have been introduced only to find that they truly are second fiddle to Plan A.

The crew has investigated a sex cult of Slanesh eventually leading to the eventuality that the world was beyond saving and needed to be cleansed. The crew escapes the world in time to give the order to “glass” the planet. Upon review they are finally given their Inquisitorial Aquila Badges, signifying that they are now under the employ and authority of the Ordos Hereticus.

They then went on to investigate loyalties on a planet that is allowing Xenos scum to press their boundaries. At a banquet a Tau ambassador is assassinated and riots break out in the city. The acolytes move to investigate finding a Tyranid infestation below the town. Gene-stealers! The acolytes narrowly escape with their lives, only to find out that the Planetary Governor is one of them! A genetically modified Tyranid. It is here that our first Acolyte goes to meet the Emperor as he takes a bolter to the chest.

Two planets have been visited, two planetary governors have been executed.

Now, in the Volg hive they acolytes investigate a shortage in fresh water production only to have found what appears to be signs of Nergle Cult influence in the Ecclesiarchy. And Chaos Space Marines! What will happen next?

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